Lisa Brown, Marketing Director

“Lisa has a keen ability to understand and see market trends and conditions following up with marketing materials that motivate and capture new customers.” This talent is ideally placed at First Street where she is tasked with creating a marketing plan for each client. She is a strategic thinker and strong communicator.

Before joining First Street, Lisa was a Global Product Line Manager at Nike, Inc. Her ability to distill market information into a product brief lead to break-through innovation and market leading products. Her highly regarded ability to present critical product features and key benefits enabled her to “sell” line changes and new concepts to both internal and external customers. Before becoming a PLM, Lisa was a Footwear Development Manager at Nike which tapped her incredible attention to detail. She added value meticulously analyzing product performance and determining the best materials and construction techniques to meet or exceed products goals. Leading up to her roles as PLM and Developer, Lisa held coordinator positions in Golf footwear and on the global sample team. Her experience at Nike taught her how to market and work with internal and external customers to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Lisa lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with her husband and four children. She enjoys running, cycling, swimming and is an avid reader. She spends quite a lot of time volunteering in the community and coaching the sports of cross country running and girls lacrosse.